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Dog Plays Poker
I feel like I’ve been here before…


Dog Plays Poker

I feel like I’ve been here before…

Worse game ever.

Just played the worst game ever.

We all decided where we were going, like usual.

Mid was teemo.

Draven and Yi were bottom.

Me (Jayce) and Xin Zhao were top.

But Draven suggested we all go bot, and gank. Sure why not.

That failed, everyone jumped out of the bush as soon as they saw Dr. Mundo so they all ran for him, and all died by the turret… Except for me… Cause i’m not an idiot..

So we all either scattered or respawned and got in our lanes, but instead Teemo went top… So no one was mid. I decided to go mid, although I was against Ziggs…

Also, Yi was jungling, and terribly. He would go help someone, they’d get away, he’d go jungle. But the people he would only help was top… Draven was alone down bottom, and repeatedly asked for help, and repeatedly asked for Yi. But he just didnt go. Eventually he recalled, and then disconnected from the game.

THEN, Xin Zhao said he would carry, but I noticed he wasn’t moving around too much, which he then said, ‘sorry, one sec, making dinner.’ WHY PLAY A GAME IF YOU GOT THINGS TO DO! 

I understand if you need to do stuff, yes, it’s a game. But don’t say you’ll carry if you know you’re 4 levels behind everyone and making dinner….

So yes, that’s the worst game I’ve ever played. o__o

You serious??

Had just locked all characters in. Both teams.

Worked out where we were all going.

Countdown hit 0.

Game made the BONG sound.

-summoner 5 left-

=____= Really?

Jayce Skins!
  1. french maid jayce kitty cat jayce nurse jayce officer jayce the possibilities are endless tbh
  2. battle bunny jaye

Hahahaha, I want a bunny or kitty Jayce. The rest seem a tad crossdresserish… BUT HEY, IT’S A FREE WORLD! RIOT GAMES! READ THIS!!!


The first true thing said in any presidential debate ever.


The first true thing said in any presidential debate ever.

Jayce needs new skins!

Perhaps a superhero costume, orrrr maybe one resembling Booster Gold!

Or or one that makes him look like a time traveller, although he’s not. I know that. But he’s the Defender of Tomorrow, so that could play on things. Also why it would work for a superhero costume. Anddd, im all out of ideas.


raven is tumblr


I found this caterpillar for a peer’s insect collection. Knowing that he would ultimately meet his death, we decided to throw him a birthday party.